FAQ About Wisdom of the Womb Fertility Products

I’ve created this list of questions and answers that I wanted to share with you and hopefully, whether you choose to purchase the products or not, some of the answers will help support in your journey to fertility.


  • How many servings of tea is in the Fertile Mama Tea?

I recommend using about 1 tbsp of tea in each serving, so the 2 oz of loose leaf should give you approximately 20 servings. The 5 oz tea contains 50 servings. Serving size is indicated on each product page.


  • How much comes with the 30 day supply?

The 30 day supply is 5 oz of loose leaf tea, and contains 50 servings. I recommend using 1 tbsp per serving, and have a cup of tea twice a day.

  • How often do I drink it?

The tea is most effective when you drink it 2-3 times a day, 1 cup per serving. The longer you steep the tea, the stronger it will taste, but the more effective the herbs will be as well.

The tea tastes floral and herbal. There is some peppermint and lemon balm in it, which lends a sweet-ish flavor, as well as goji berries and pomegranate. So it’s a bit minty, a bit fruity and a bit sweet. I think it’s delicious.

  • Does it have caffeine in it?

There’s not actually any “tea” in the tea. It’s an herbal blend, so there’s no caffeine in any of my teas except for the Morning Rooster, which is for Male Reproductive Health and has some green tea in it.

  • When is the best time to take it?

It’s best to drink in the morning and before bed, ideally on an empty stomach, but it’s okay if you have a small amount of food with the tea. The herbs are absorbed and digested, so if you have a ton of food to digest as well, you may not really absorb the components of the herbs.

  • When, during my cycle, should I drink the tea?

If you’re just drinking the Fertile Mama Tea, you can drink it for the entire cycle, no matter where in your cycle you are. For all teas, drink 1 cup 2-3 times a day. However, if you’re “cycling” with the teas, here’s what to do:

  1. Detox Tea: Detox for 10 days up to a full month, leading up to your period starting.
  2. B*tch’s Brew: Start drinking the day you start bleeding (If you tend to have cramps, you can start drinking this blend when your cramps start, or up to 10 days before your period begins)
  3. Fertile Mama Tea: Begin drinking when your period ends, or the day after you stop bleeding (the follicular phase)
  4. Fertile Moon Tea: Drink around ovulation time, or approximately days 12-16.
  5. Womb Warming Tea: Supports implantation and progesterone. Drink Days 17 on… either until you get a positive pregnancy test or your period begins again. If you do tend to cramp, drink until 7-10 days before your period, and then switch to B*tch’s Brew and drink through next period or until you get a positive pregnancy test.

If you order a bundle, you will have access to a guide that will indicate how to drink the teas that come in each bundle.

  • How long will this take to work? How does the tea work?
This can be a tricky question to answer, so I will just answer with as much information as possible. I have had women drink the tea for one cycle and get pregnant. Perhaps whatever imbalance that was contributing to their difficulty conceiving was minor. I usually tell women to drink the tea for at least 3 months, as that is how long it takes to improve the quality of their eggs (not just my tea — that’s how long the eggs take to get healthier). The Fertile Mama Tea (and all my teas) work by gently unraveling the imbalances in your body that can be contributing to a difficulty conceiving. Specifically, this tea nourishes the blood, boosts the qi/ energy, gently detoxifies the liver so that hormones are more balanced, helps to regulate blood sugar, eases stress response to that cortisol release is more balanced, gently clears heat and mildly invigorates the blood. For many women, drinking this tea regularly is enough to bring the body into a place where conception happens. Where the body is not working so hard on “living” and digesting, etc, that it can add the additional difficult task of being pregnant.However, for some women, as in the cases of endometriosis or PCOS, fallopian tube blockage, etc., the imbalances are too far progressed to reverse gently. This is when my slightly stronger herbal blends become more important. The B*tch’s Brew Tea, for instance, is my most invigorating tea, which is why it is indicated when there are bad cramps, endometriosis, blockage, or even serious emotional PMS… those are all signs that there is more intense stagnation and blockage that must be moved.So… I’d love to say that the tea will work the first month that you drink it, but every body is different, and it really depends on your body.


  • I’ve been breaking out on the Womb Warming Tea. Is this normal?

This is actually really good information that lets us know that you may have some heat in your body that needs to be cleared. If this is the case, omit the Womb Warming Tea from your schedule, drink the Fertile Moon Tea until about 10 days before your period begins, and then switch to the B*tch’s Brew instead.

  • I have some cramping when I drink the tea. Is this okay?

This is actually a good sign! When there’s pain, it means there’s stagnation or blockage of energy, and when you begin to move through stagnation or blockage, you can get some cramping. So if you are cramping a bit, it means that you’re moving through some energy that had been blocked. This may be what had been preventing pregnancy in the first place!

  • How do I prepare it?

Use your tea strainer to scoop up about 1 tbsp of the tea. Put the filled tea-strainer in your favorite cup, pour almost boiling water over it, and let steep for 5-15 minutes. The longer you steep it, the stronger the flavor will be. Remove tea strainer, and let cool until it’s not too hot to drink. Enjoy!

  • What happens if my husband accidentally drinks it?

Not a problem! The herbs included will probably benefit him too, so he can enjoy with you if he likes it! But if he’s looking for his own tea to support his fertility, Morning Rooster would be the better choice.

  • Can I prepare it as iced tea?

You can, but one of the most important “rules” about supporting your fertility is to keep your womb warm. This means keeping your digestive organs warm too. So it’s important not to have iced beverages. Drink room temperature or warmer. And avoid all iced-drinks while you’re trying to conceive.

  • Will this work to reverse my tubal ligation?
Unfortunately, if you’ve had your “tubes tied” surgically, the ingredients in the tea are not strong enough to reverse your surgery. However, if you have your tubes surgically “untied,” then our Fallopian Tube Blockage bundle is supportive in helping your body’s process in keeping tubes clear.
  • Will this help unblock my Fallopian tubes?

It is possible to support clearing natural obstruction of the fallopian tubes, caused either by scarring, Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc. I recommend the products in the Fallopian Tube Bundle, including B*tch’s Brew Tea, Moxa, Womb massage and more. The Womb massage and moxa are essential in this instance, so be sure to watch my tutorials on YouTube.

  • Will this help if I have PCOS?

The products in my PCOS bundle are more effective for working with the specific imbalances that contribute to PCOS.

  • Will this help if I have Endometriosis/ Fibroids?

The products in my Endometriosis/ Fibroid bundle are more effective for working with the specific imbalances that contribute to PCOS.

  • Will this help if my husband’s fertility is the issue?

I recommend my Male Fertility bundle or any of the products contained within, which are more specifically formulated to positively impact male reproductive health, including sperm motility, morphology and count.

  • I was diagnosed with High FSH, Low AMH, early Menopause, or am having hot flashes and night sweats.
The Wise Woman Tea is a good option for you.
  • Can I just drink the tea and not do anything else and still get pregnant?
Maybe. It’s possible. But because our reproductive health is an extension of overall health, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. My 6 week course shows you how and where to remove toxins from your home and diet, lifestyle and dietary choices that best support fertility, etc. It’s extremely important to womb health to be gently moving your body (brisk walks and yoga are great exercise choices), eating whole foods (as close to “real” food as possible — fruits, vegetables, organic animal protein if you choose, healthy fats like olives, nuts, seeds, avocado). When people ask me what they should be eating, I try to get them to avoid packages and aim for whole foods. And avoid dairy and gluten!! They’re inflammatory. Period.
  • Where can I learn more about Yoni Steaming?

Visit the FAQ Page on Yoni Steaming.

  • What should I do if I get pregnant?

All of the teas are safe to drink up until a positive pregnancy test, after which point they are no longer appropriate, so discontinue use of the tea, and switch to Blissful Mama Tea for Pregnancy Support.

  • Tell me about the “2 week wait.”

The time after ovulation is considered the “two week wait” time, but I see this as a time to be doing more than “waiting” but using it to continue to heal your reproductive health. This is often the time that a lot of stagnation gets built up, and it’s a good opportunity to clear out some blockage. While it’s my belief that a viable pregnancy will remain viable, I do recommend more gentle womb massage during this time. I recommend that for women who have been trying to get pregnant for over 1 year, you give yourself at least 3 months to not try to get pregnant, so that you can use the “2 week wait” time to heal your womb instead, incorporating castor oil womb massage and perhaps Yoni Steaming.

  • How do I know which products to use? 

You can also take our Fertility Assessment for additional support: 


Okay, Friends. That’s all I’ve got for now. Love you, Support you, Fingers Crossed for you… XOXO, Ariele