Fertility Food Guide

Welcome to the Wisdom of the Womb Fertility Food Guide

My goal is to give you as much information about each phase of your cycle, so that ultimately you can begin to listen to your body, pay attention to what feels good and hopefully give your body what it needs.

Be gentle with yourself. I never want you to feel badly about eating the “wrong” foods, but I encourage you to pay attention to what makes you reach for food that makes you feel badly. Is it stress? Blood sugar imbalance? Etc.

Preconception Detoxification is an important part of the Wisdom of the Womb program. It’s essentially a “reset” button for our bodies, especially our liver, which is essential for hormone balance. When our livers our over-burdened, our hormones can’t be properly processed, we may develop ovarian cysts, blood sugar imbalance and more. (Read my Detox Blog)


  • The blood phase of your cycle, (the first day you wake up bleeding and lasting until menstruation stops, or until approximately day 5), read my Blood Phase Blog
  • The Yin phase of your cycle,  (the day after you finish bleeding, or around day 5 until 2 days before ovulation. Depending on when you ovulate, the Yin phase is approximately Days 5-12): Dietary and lifestyle changes during this phase contribute to follicular/ egg health and estrogen levels (read my Yin Phase Blog)
  • The Qi phase is approximately days 12/13-16/17, or a few days before and after ovulation, Dietary and lifestyle changes during the Qi phase contribute to timely ovulation (Read my Qi Phase Blog)
  • The Yang or Luteal Phase occurs after ovulation, or the 2nd half of your cycle, and dietary and lifestyle changes contribute to implantation and progesterone levels. (Read my Yang phase Blog)

Click Here for a general overview of Food Guidelines, including foods to avoid, foods to include, best supplements and much more.