Detox Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Pre-Conception Detoxification
Detox Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Pre-Conception Detoxification
Detox Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Pre-Conception Detoxification
Detox Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Pre-Conception Detoxification
Detox Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Pre-Conception Detoxification

Detox Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Pre-Conception Detoxification

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Even the most eco-conscious of us inevitably faces environmental toxins, and our liver takes the brunt of the impact.  Because our fertility is a reflection of our overall health, and because our reproductive organs and hormones are seriously affected by environmental toxins, it is essential to support the liver when trying to get pregnant.  

Detox Tea is a tasty but effective herbal blend that both cleanses the liver and encourages your blood to detoxify the waste that the liver releases, so that you don't suffer from a "detox reaction."

I recommend drinking this tea for at least a month before trying to conceive, but it’s fine to drink while you’re trying. Drink alone, or in combination with the Wisdom of the Womb Fertility Teas. (For example, a cup of Detox Tea in the AM and late afternoon, a cup of B*tch’s Brew Tea late morning and before bed)


  • Add 1 Tbsp. herbal blend to a tea infuser or French press.
  • Pour boiling water over the herbs and infuse for 5-15 minutes. Herbs may steep longer than 15 minutes for a stronger infusion.
  • Remove infuser or strain herbs and enjoy your tea warm, at least 2 cups per day.
  • You may add a bit of honey or sweetener as desired.

Discontinue use when you have a positive pregnancy test.

Organic Ingredients: Milk Thistle, Red Clover Flowers, Peppermint, Dandelion, Lemon Balm, Nettle Leaf, Yellow Dock, Dang Gui, Honey Crystals, Dried Blueberries

5 OZ loose leaf

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pregnancy with PCOS and blocked tube

Tuesdays update : Baby Lester is growing Perfectly! due date is right on the Nose October 3 2021 Thank you Mrs.Myers for your wonderful Detox Tea you Da GOAT But baby Heart Rate 161 pinch me I must be dreaming I’m so in love already Ps . I have PCOS and had a blocked tube . I never thought I’d be here , but trust , faith , staying consent and showing gratitude got me here Give thanks to the Universe now , MANIFEST MANIFEST MANIFEST. The universe is YOURS


I tested positive after 2 and half years of trying. All thanks to detox tea, fertile moon tea, fertile mama tea and womb warming tea. Thank you so much Ariel and the team. It's all because of you guys. Took fetile mama tea for 8 days and womb warming tea for 14 days and the test came positive. Couldn't believe my eyes. Took clomid for so many months but nothing happened and with tea within a month magic happened. I was using detox tea and fertile moon tea for a while and I decided to add fertile mama tea and womb warming tea on January. I am due oct 28. Finger crossed.

Ja'Naye G.
Less painful periods

No baby this month, BUT MY BODY FEELS AMAZING! Today is day two of my blood phase and I’m highly impressed with the results of drinking B$tch’s Brew 10 days before my cycle! Usually my pelvis, feet, and legs ache and it’s hard to stay still. I feel so good right now, not even sad because I’m understanding this process and my journey. And the Detox tea is DELICIOUS Love those little blueberries, I pick them out and put them in my glass lol. Have a wonderful day Queens!

Tanasia S.
Positive ovulation

Goodmorning ladies so Friday I got some great news last year I came here saying how my cycle was late and went to the doctor wasn’t pregnant but got diagnosed with endometriosis , I went and got a different doctor and had a Transvaginal ultrasound and she said hunny your ****** looks great you have that one tiny tiny 1cm fibroid on your left side so I told her about me seeming like I’m not ovulating . So I have an appointment Friday to get blood work to check to see if I’m ovulating, so yesterday morning I woke up checked to see if I’m ovulating and this is the same day test I got , I’ve definitely baby dance 3 times , I can most definitely say I’ve been drinking detox tea 2x a day I was drinking before but not consistent with it so this is 2 weeks results from drinking every day


I got it!! My BFP finally came!! I drank the Fertile Mama Tea twice a day for 2 months and did womb massages with the womb healing oil. I received the Fertility Bundle (Fertile Wellness) for Christmas and started drinking the Detox Tea 3 times a day. I switched to B*tch's Brew 10 days before my period was supposed to start and drank both BB and Detox together. This is our first baby and my hubby and I are beyond thrilled!! The Lord answered a prayer for us.